Accessibility statement

We, at Inbar Hotel believe that every guest, including people with disabilities, deserves equal service and treatment
For this end, we have taken many steps to adapt the hotel to the guests with disabilities
Two disabled parking spaces (35 meters from the reception) have  been allocated in the hotel parking.
Outside the hotel, the Arad Municipality has allocated 2 disabled parking spaces for tall vehicles (about 40 meters from the reception).
The reception desk is accessible and has an inspirational loop installed for the benefit of hard of hearing people.
Elevators: The hotel lifts were accessible to people with disabilities in accordance with the requirements of the standard.
Disabled rooms:
The hotel has two rooms adapted for people with disabilities, a width entrance door 90 cm, space by the beds that allows easy access to a wheelchair, handholds in the shower and on the sides of the toilet, a chair adapted for bathing.  And the possibility of raising the bed.
Swimming pool:
Accessible, you can enter from a wheelchair directly to the pool, handrails on the stairs, accessible wardrobes including folding chairs and handrails.
Dining Room:
Accessible to people with disabilities including embossing marks on front doors and adapted seats.
People with disabilities can come to the hotel with a service animal and the hotel staff is  guided to assist them in any need.
At the hotel you can borrow a kit for the hard of hearing.
All halls of the hotel, the synagogue and the lobby, the stairwell, are accessible to people with disabilities.
Hotel Accessibility Coordinator, Natan Borochov (Hotel CEO) 054-9444165
You can contact with any question, problem or complaint.