Attractions in the area

There are a lot of tourist sites within and close to the city: the Judean Desert, the northern Negev, Tel Arad, Susya, the Arad Motor Park, the audio-visual show at Masada, Kana`im Valley (the Valley of the Zealots), Breichat Tsfira, and the Dead Sea which is only 25 minutes’ drive away. The Israel National Trail passes close to the hotel and there are countless other attractions, hikes in the desert, cycling tours at various levels of difficulty, as well as jeep tours.
All of these waiting for you only a short drive away

A sonic light spectacle in Masada

Masada - one of the most sought after and fascinating tourist sites in Israel, manages to surprise time and time again: fascinating historical stories, an exciting cable car ride and desert power from all sides. Recently, a new sonic light show was launched in Masada West, projected on the mountainside with a unique VIDEO MAPPING technology that brings the historical story to life in a way that has never been seen before. Sunset is a perfect time to enjoy the spectacle, accompanied by a soundtrack specially composed by Shlomo Gronich.

Metal artist Itzik Gamliel

It is impossible to visit Arad without visiting the sculpture garden of Itzik Gamliel, the metal artist. You are invited to take part in a most memorable journey - under guidance of the artist - among the wonderful metal sculptures, all of which against the breathtaking view of the Dead Sea in the background.

The motor park in Arad

The Israel Racetrack invites you to enjoy an unforgettable motoring experience, including driving and riding shows featuring a variety of different makes and categories of racing cars and motorcycles. Alongside there are race tracks for the general public, where you can see for yourself what it’s like to be a racing driver.

The Doll Museum

In the “Lot’s Wife” Artists' Quarter of Arad you will find one of the most magical museums in Israel.  The Doll Museum in Arad - which has been designed like an ancient medieval fortress - displaying dozens of spectacular, funny and exciting dolls - clowns, and a variety of child-like dolls and other characters, all of which are the work of artists Edward Shroster and Miri Leibowitz . All of the dolls are made by hand, and are one-of-a-kind creations, so you will not find copies of them anywhere else in the world.

The audio-visual show at Masada

Masada - one of the most sought-after and fascinating tourist sites in Israel, manages to surprise me each time anew: captivating historical stories, an exciting cable car journey and the grandeur of the desert all around. Recently a new audio-visual show has been launched at Masada, and is projected onto the hillside using a unique video mapping technology that brings the historical story to life in a way that has never been seen before.  Sunset is a perfect time to enjoy this nocturnal show, which is accompanied by a soundtrack composed especially by Shlomo Gronich.

Ein Gedi Reserve

The largest oasis in Israel invites you to take a revitalizing journey with the entire family amidst springs and incredible waterfalls, ibexes and rock hyraxes that peer out from all around. The reserve offers variety of hiking trails at varying degrees of difficulty and a selection of points of interest, including the David Waterfall, Nahal Arugot, Dodim's Cave, the Chalcolithic Temple, the remains of the ancient settlement of Tel Goren and more.

Tel Arad National Park

Only a short distance from the hotel one of the most fascinating and important national parks in Israel awaits you. In the Tel Arad National Park you will find a water facility that was started during the Canaanite period; the remains of a fortified city from the Early Bronze Age; a fortified city from the Israelite period (the Iron Age). In late February and early March you can also enjoy the blossoming of the Judean Iris (Iris atrofusca) that has found sanctuary in the reserve. 

The Wild Desert

If you would like to experience the challenging side of the Dead Sea, the “Wild Desert” company invites you to enjoy a range of memorable experiential trips with rangers in a variety of vehicles, at the lowest and most magical place in the world. This is done under the guidance of professionals and you will see the breathtaking landscapes of the Dead Sea in a new light. The trips are suitable for families, couples and groups.


If already you are in Arad it is highly recommended that you visit the enchanting Kaparuchka Restaurant, which offers a rural culinary experience using natural local ingredients. In Kaparuchka you can enjoy steaming hot dishes of fine Italian cuisine: excellent pizzas from the stone oven, mouth-watering pastas, hot focaccia, a variety of salads and more. Bon appetit!

The Sheeta Brewery

When Meir Ariel wrote the words "And the whole thing is to drink something cold in the middle of the desert" he must have been referring to the Sheeta Brewery. The award-winning brewery is located in the Arad Artist’s Quarter, and you are invited to enjoy fine local beer and raise a toast to a wonderful vacation in the desert.

Yekev Midbar

The Artist’s Quarter in Arad offers travelers a variety of visitor centers and tourist attractions. One of the most fascinating places to visit is ‘Yekev Midbar’ - the Desert Winery; a unique vineyard which offers boutique wine made from desert grapes. During your visit to the winery you can tour the visitor center, discover how exceptional grapes are grown in a desert environment and, of course, raise a glass of wine at the Wine Bar.

Muza Bar

For over 35 years the "Muza" restaurant has attracted residents of Arad and visitors to the area. During the day Muza is an excellent restaurant offering a rich and varied menu - and at night the place transforms into a pub; lively and happy, with good music, fine alcohol and live performances by some of Israel’s best-known artists.